has become an industry leader in reclaimed wood feature walls for residential, commercial and restaurant applications.

We can supply the raw boards for a DIY install or we can do an expert on site installation (currently in the Toronto GTA area).  See some of the feature walls we have done recently in the pics below.  Call or email for a quote on a feature wall.    We also ship across Canada and have a U.S. affiliate

Toronto -

Hamilton -

Durham Region -

Mercedes-Benz Feature Wall this is a cool feature wall done for Mercedes-Benz at the 2018 Canadian International Auto Show - it is a nice mix of our rustic brown and classic grey reclaimed barn board  

Before and After TV Wall

Here is a before and after of a TV wall sent in to us by customer Mark K. in Toronto.  He used our weathered brown barn board to add some rustic character to the space. 

Cool Condo Wall

A Toronto area client used some of our boards that had a unique blue tone in some of them to create this dramatic feature wall.

Cool Basement Reno

A client with an eye for style and some DIY talent came to the shop to get some boards to jazz up their basement - amazing results!

Classic Grey Barn Board Feature Walls

Some great clients in mid town Toronto redid the walls in their open concept family room / kitchen area with our classic grey barn board - stunning results.

Customer DIY Grey Barn Board Feature Wall

Mike S. in Toronto came to the shop and picked out some grey barn board to redo a wall in his living room - here are the results 

Classic Grey Reclaimed Barn Board Walls

Here are some classic grey feature walls we installed in condos - adds lots of nice character and texture to these spaces.

Mixed Colour Reclaimed Barn Board Wall 

Mixed colour feature walls are getting more popular - these incorporate faded red, brown and grey - nice!

Brown Reclaimed Barn Board Wall 

Here is a picture of a condo entranceway recently completed by a client.  They used our character, saw marked brown barn board to warm up the space.  In this case, they coated the boards with a clear polyurethane sealer - this deepens the natural colour of the wood.

Mixed Colour Reclaimed Barn Board Wall / Island

Here are some client photos after they bought some mixed colour reclaimed barn board from us.  They did a feature wall as well as a kitchen island - lots of life and colour in the room now with the pop of the red barn board 

DIY Project - Before and After

A client wanted to jazz up their living room wall and came to us to pick up some classic grey barn board - they rented some tools and after the weekend, the room is totally transformed.  Hard to match the character and patina of authentic 100 year old Ontario barn board.

Thai Princess - Mixed Colour Feature Wall

The Thai Princess restaurant in Toronto ( need to cover a small area in their entranceway  - we used a mix of grey, brown and faded red boards to create this high impact area - the lighting looks great at night.  Check out the Thai Pricess for great food at 387 King Street West. 


Office Divider Wall - Mixed Colour Reclaimed Wood

Trophy Foods in Mississauga asked us to create a four sided feature wall on a divider in their office space.  They wanted some of the colour to reflect the bright red in their corporate branding.  We completed the wall with grey, brown and a bright red mix of reclaimed barn board.  This adds some life and character to the space.

Reclaimed New Condo Sales office

Here is a nice reclaimed barn board feature wall where we supplied the material.  Lots of nice varied grey tones with inset televisions.  The wall is in the sales office for "On the Danforth", a new condo development by Diam Developments.  Check out their well priced boutique condo units at 

Garage Makeover Using Barn Board

A local client came in and purchase some of our reclaimed barn board that had some whitewash on it as part of making over a garage space.  They used it as a feature wall as well as trim around windows and the fireplace - stunning results - great space. 

Mixed Grey and Brown Feature Wall

This client asked us to do a mixture of rustic brown with grey barn board in their living room area.  Looks nice that the colour picks up on the furniture and the lighting accents the texture of the wood.

 Reclaimed Brown Barn Board Feature Wall

A client selected our reclaimed brown barn board for this bedroom makeover.  The mixed tones of brown and rustic character and saw marks on the wood make for an interesting backdrop to the room.

Reclaimed Grey Barn Board Feature Wall

We supplied a client in Oakville with classic grey barn board as part of the bedroom makeover - the look of the room changed dramatically - the nickel plated sconces and ceiling fan really look nice against the character barn board. 

Brown Reclaimed Barn Board Feature Wall

We supplied Matt B. in Thornhill with some nice character reclaimed brown barn board for panelling his basement - he did this vertically and incorporated a zero clearance fireplace on the wall - nice job Matt!

Mixed Colour Feature Wall

We supplied Jon from Precision Edge Contracting some grey, brown and red reclaimed barn board.  He completed a very nice feature wall for a client with lots of texture and colour.

Stairway Remodel

Nick P. in Toronto wanted to remodel his stairway to add some flair and interest to the area.  He came in and picked up some classic grey barn board.  After a weekend of work, he had a whole new look for the area - nice job Nick!

Bedroom Feature Wall

A customer came to with a vision for transforming their bedroom space with a more updated, modern feel.  We helped them select a variety of barn board to create a mixed feature wall.  Lots of attention to detail is evident with the framing around the headboard and the bulkhead.  Cool industrial lights finish the look.

Modern Basement Feature Wall supplied the boards for this stunning basement feature wall.  Mixed, red, brown and grey were used to add some character and texture to the space.  Total reno of the basement was done by - they did an awesome job on the project - see their website for more pics

Cutomer DIY Feature Wall

Here is another classic grey feature wall done by a customer as a DIY project.

Property Brothers Feature Wall was asked by the Property Brother to supply some character wood to complete an accent wall for an episode of their show.

Medium/Dark Grey Feature Wall

Another install by - this was a medium/dark grey version that also discretely incorporated an access panel on it. 

Customer DIY Installation

Here are some recent installs by customers.  They did all the work themselves and did a fantastic job.

Reclaimed Barn Board Feature Wall Installations

These two recent feature wall installations by included nice grey barn board and also incorporated wall hung TV's where we concealed the wires behind the barn board for a nice clean look. 

Mixed Grey and Brown Reclaimed Barn Board Feature Walls

This Toronto area project involved mixing both grey and brown coloured barn board for a nice warm, character look on two separate walls.  We collaborated with Lost Coast Woodworking to provide installation service on the project.  

Horse Themed Feature Wall supplied Gordana Car Design with some nice grey barn board for a horse themed display room for a new home development by Arista Homes.  

Living Room Feature Wall supplied some clients with barn board for their whole house remodel in Toronto prior to selling the property.  They had a great eye and picked out boards with a variety of tones and character.  The house sold very quickly - check out the virtual tour

Model Home Master Bedroom Feature Wall supplied Kenmore Homes ( in Niagara Falls some nice reclaimed barn board for a master bedroom feature wall - great decoration in the room adds to the overall rustic appeal


Lunchroom Feature Wall - mixed wood

CTI Working Environments ( asked us to do a feature wall to give some life to their staff lunchroom.  We provided a mixture of reclaimed wood with lots of character and saw marks and did the on site install in one day.  The wall had a slight angle to the left which we addressed with some trim pieces.

Model Home Feature Wall - Smithville - completed another mixed brown and grey reclaimed barn board feature wall for Phelps Homes in Smithville, ON (  Note the character saw marks in the brown barn board.  These are highlighted by doing a light sanding of the boards prior to installation. 


Condo Feature Wall - mixed wood

In this install, we used classic grey barn board with a twist - the barn board ends mid wall at a stainless steel trim strip.  From there, the owner used chalkboard paint for the rest of the wall - unique combination that looks great.

Commericial Feature Wall - Faded Black Barn Board

Faded black barn board supplied by for the store Designer Inspired Interiors at 175 King St. East in Toronto


Basement Feature Wall - Reclaimed Grey Barn Board

This small basement wall was turned into a feature wall with some longer grey barn board of various widths