Reclaimed Grey Barn Board

This is what we are best know for - classic grey barn board - lengths from 2 to 14 ft, widths from 6 to 11 inches - simply the best quality barn board available.

 Reclaimed Brown Barn Board

This is character filled, saw marked reclaimed brown board.  It is the reverse side of the grey board - it looks great as is or can be clear coated for additional impact - always in stock - each piece is unique


 4 X 4 Reclaimed Wind Braces

These are small barn beams that were used to reinforce the larger beams in the barn to stiffen the structure against wind.  They are approximately 4 inches by 4 inches in various lengths - perfect for table legs or floating shelves for pictures

Granary Board

Very nice 1 inch thick granary board from the interior of the barn.  Lots of character saw marks.  Perfect for shelves, furniture and woodworking projects. 

Skip Planed Red Barn Board

Not your typical barn board - this super cool board has been run through a planer to remove some but not all of the rich red colour - it also has been straight edged for ease of installation.


2 Inch Reclaimed Hemlock Theshing Floor Boards 

10 inches wide - lengths from 2 to 14 ft.  These are great for console tables, harvest tables, shelving, benches, desks etc.